Tips For a Safe Garage Design That Suits Your Needs


Tips For a Safe Garage Design That Suits Your Needs – Parking a car on the side of the road is not recommended even in front of your own house. In addition to disturbing other road users who pass, parking that leaves cars parked on the side of the road is also prone to becoming a crime target.

Therefore, making a garage is mandatory before buying a car. Vehicle owners can start looking for tips on making a car garage so that the size of the garage fits the needs of the car. The following are tips for designing a garage according to your needs.


Tips For Designing a Safe Garage

1. Car Garage Area

Before you pour garage paint ideas, you need to consider the area of ​​​​the garage. This point determines the future construction of the garage, from comfort to harmony with the concept of the house. The area of ​​land you have needs to be adjusted to the type of car you have, for example your car is a city car type.

The size of the garage that is comfortable for a small car like a city car is 2.4 x 4.8 meters. If you have a larger car or more than one car, make sure it is the correct size.


2. Garage Location

The second point that you must pay attention to is the layout and placement of the garage. This will affect the door model that must be used, air ventilation, tool storage areas, and so on. This layout also plays an important role in regulating the drains and waterways for the purpose of washing the car itself.

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3. Floor Material

Floor material is often taken for granted, as long as you choose the floor will crumble quickly because it doesn’t fit your needs. Choosing a floor material must be considered with the load of the vehicle. In addition, you also have to pay attention to the texture of the material to avoid unwanted things.

We recommend that you use a material that has small pores so it is not slippery. For example, granite, not slippery and easy to clean.


4. Choosing a Car Garage Roof

The garage is intended to protect the car from exposure to UV rays of the sun and rain which can reduce the quality of car paint. Therefore, choosing a roof along with a car garage frame should not be arbitrary.

Choose the highest quality material, no matter how heavy it is at the beginning for future investments.
Precisely choosing cheap origin is more detrimental. Who knows the material is very bad and could lead to leakage.


5. Customize a Car Garage with a Home Concept

This point is more accurately referred to as choice, because it does not really affect function, but affects aesthetics. There are two conditions, you build a house together with a garage or build a garage after the house has long been finished.

This second condition requires the alignment of the concept of the concept of the house as a whole. You should match the concept from design, material, color selection, and so on. Especially if you aim to make your garage multi-functional, and try to harmonize the concept.

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These are tips on designing a garage that is safe and according to your needs. We suggest that after you design the garage, you can also use wall painting design ideas to further beautify your car garage. Hopefully some of these tips can be useful for all of you, and thank you for visiting this article.